Quality Management

Anvil’s Quality Management Group provides specific solutions to help clients meet their Quality Management and Inspection requirements.  Our team has extensive experience working with clients and interfacing with suppliers to help plan, monitor, and manage inspection activities.

Our Quality Management Services include the following project support activities:

  • Create Inspection and Test Plans for selected equipment, structural, and piping fabrication.
  • Integrate client requirements and establish inspection types.
  • Conduct Pre-Inspection Kick-off meetings with suppliers.
  • Monitor supplier engineering progress and compliance with design requirements.
  • Determine supplier readiness for fabrication and work with engineering to confirm significant modifications have been incorporated with supplier transmittals.
  • Conduct supplier audits.
  • Review supplier quality system and confirm essential elements are present.
  • Locate and assign inspection resources.
  • Manage inspection schedule.
  • Manage inspection resources.
  • Monitor inspection costs.
  • Periodically report inspection costs and fabrication progress.
  • Assign and manage source expediting resources.
  • Support engineering by reconciling Requests for Information (RFIs).
  • Perform final inspection prior to release for shipment.
Post Fabrication
  • Review Data books.
  • Confirm resolution of nonconformities in Non-Conformance Reports.
  • Identify lessons learned and share them with appropriate project participants.