10 Million Hours of No Lost Time

Emily McDaniel

Published 8/15/23

At Anvil Corporation, safety is no accident, and we are excited to announce the amazing milestone of 10 million man hours without a lost time injury. “This accomplishment is a reflection of the commitment every employee at Anvil takes daily,” says Eric Peterson, Anvil’s Safety Manager.

Anvil established the Why We Work Safely campaign this July to focus on the core reasons we want every employee to go home safely every day. Employees were asked to share photos of their families, furry friends and favorite things to showcase why they each choose to work safely.

“As a father myself,” Eric states, “my family motivates me to work safely as they depend on me to come home in one piece every day. I know each Anvil employee has their own motivation for practicing safe working habits on and off location, so this campaign was a great opportunity for them to reflect on our safety practices while showing off photos of beautiful families, pets and memories.”

Employees submitted great photos, which will be displayed on a banner for all to enjoy at the Bellingham campus, all while engaging in a wonderful discussion and refresh on our safety standards.

10 million hours represents thousands of projects, employee time and more over the past 12 years. Here are some interesting stats of this time:

  • Over 1 million hours were worked onsite at client facilities
  • Employees have completed 7,312 hours of OSCA Safety Training
  • Employees have completed 30,621 internal Anvil Safety training modules
  • The Anvil Safety Committee logged 2,527 hours reviewing incidents, auditing Anvil facilities and reviewing Anvil safety programs
  • Anvil has spent over $50,000 in proactive safety measures and reimbursed over $80,000 in PPE equipment

Thank you to all Anvil employees for committing to our high safety standard. Here’s to 10 million more hours!

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