Critical to meeting project schedule, delivery dates, and cost is early procurement planning. Clients know that projects now require longer lead times as dynamic supply chain issues have increased risk around equipment deliveries and supplier engineering/design schedules.

Leveraging Knowledge

Our experts leverage their market knowledge, global resources, long-term supplier relationships, and decades of experience to ensure reasonable:

• Pricing for equipment and materials
• Lead times
• Resource constraints
• Shop loading
• Supplier documentation submittal schedules

They know that minimizing schedule delays, construction installation costs and risks maximize a project’s potential for success.

Procurement Plan Execution

From supplier selection to final payment, the goal is to maintain project schedule and cost and mitigate procurement risks by executing a procurement plan that includes: 

• Identifying and purchasing equipment early in the contract
Strategic sourcing of equipment and materials including identification and utilization of overseas manufacturers
• Innovating delivery solutions
• Coordinating materials, including storage requirements, warehouse and laydown yard planning, and delivery sequencing of fabricated items to minimize storage duration and requirements
• Managing inspections at supplier’s facilities for quality oversight
• Aggressively expediting supplier documentation and equipment, including weekly progress meetings with primary suppliers, third party inspection and shop expediting to confirm milestones
• Managing domestic and international transportation and logistics, including specifying export packaging and monitoring shipment for timely delivery
• Working receipt exceptions and assisting in resolving U, O, S, and D (unsatisfactory, over, short, damaged) issues

Supporting Projects of All Sizes, Scope, and Complexity

Our procurement and logistics team supports projects of all sizes, whether large, complex engineered capital equipment or engineered structural steel, piping, electrical, and instrumentation items and start-up materials.

Our team works with clients to determine the procurement strategy that best suits their organization, needs and budget. That includes transporting heavy haul loads the equivalent of a 20-story building and weighing almost as much as the Statue of Liberty around the world by ship, truck, or rail, safely and securely to meet client expectations and quality standards.

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