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About Anvil

Discover Anvil Corporation’s journey from its founding in 1971 to becoming a leader in engineering services, with over 50 years of innovation and excellence.


Meet Anvil Corporation’s leadership team, including Cody Steinmetz (President & CEO), Dan Lewis (CFO), and Adam Wells (COO), who drive innovation and excellence through engineering services across the Pacific Northwest.

Safety at Anvil

Find out more about our safety achievements and our plans for maintaining high safety standards.


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Anvil Projects

  • Calciner Waste Heat Recovery
  • Wharf Upgrade
  • Sulfur Treatment/Relief Reduction (STARR)
  • Utility Trestle Design
  • Cooling Water Infrastructure 
  • Safety Instrumented System Program
  • Refinery Laboratory Build
  • Crude Custody Transfer System
  • 19 Well Processing Facility
  • Northside Safeguarding