Process Safety Management (PSM)

Anvil helps clients build OSHA-compliant safety management systems to ensure plant operations, safety and risk management.

Building a PSM

When it comes to a sustainable, OSHA-compliant PSM program, our clients consistently tell us that they either need help in identifying and closing gaps in their PSM program or don’t have the resources to improve their existing program. Other clients simply need to build a PSM program from the ground up and don’t know where to start.

We work with clients to identify OSHA’s PSM element gaps that include PHA documentation, training, process safety information, and Management of Change (MOC) processes. We align with clients to first understand their risk tolerance and then help them build a customized risk mitigation program. We provide specialized expertise to help clients close their identified PSM gaps in some cases on a fast-track schedule.

Benefits of an Evergreen System

• Easy access to integrated safety information
• Increased employee health, safety, security, and morale.
• Increased productivity, profits, quality, and operational and equipment reliability.
• Meets OSHA compliance – reduces scrutiny by government regulators.
• Protects the environment, employee health, safety, and security, and surrounding communities.
• Promotes operational excellence – maintains company reputation, ESG score, investor confidence, and stock price.
• Provides a sound foundation of attentiveness to issues in the event of future audits.

Providing Solutions

No matter the PSM challenges that our clients face, our PSM specialists provide the solutions and level of support to ensure an OSHA-compliant, customized PSM program. When it comes to risk, the ultimate measure of success is when nothing happens. With a well-documented PSM system in place, the facility or refinery can stay ahead of any event that could threaten plant operations, human safety, or the environment and surrounding communities.

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