Laser Scanning & 3D Modeling

Our in-house, advanced laser scanning and 3D modeling tools digitally map facilities for highly accurate design measurements, improving project design quality, reducing the costs of errors, and optimizing facility layout.

In-House Quality

By capturing digital data once versus collecting it through time-consuming field measurements, our FARO Focus 3D scanners measure 976,000 points per second for the most precise and accurate measurements of a facility’s existing or as-built conditions.

Point cloud data establishes project benchmarks that are then used to develop accurate 3D models from which other drawings are produced. Our design team, constructors, fabricators, and client team review the data to visualize the project, check maintenance access, operator layouts, and constructability of the installation, for better and safer project designs.

Ease of Use

3D models based on our laser scans can generate highly accurate drawings so that our engineering and design teams can route piping and conduit, locate equipment for better and cleaner installations, and optimize field fabrication and installation. Often, we use animated 4D (3D + time sequencing) models to depict construction activities in detail to help our client and the construction contractor visualize the sequence of construction activities in congested environments.

Laser scans help project teams quickly solidify scope of work and engineering requirements, leading to better project estimates, higher confidence in project engineering and construction costs, and ultimately better project budget and schedule performance. Laser scanning technology gives our teams the ability to respond to client requirements rapidly and seamlessly to meet quick turnarounds for schedule-driven projects.

Benefits of Laser Scanning and 3D/4D Modeling:

• Reduces change orders, design errors, risk, cost, constructability, interface, and installation issues
• Increases quality of the design
• Field validates existing equipment
• Identifies field modifications
• Conducts multiple types of project and construction reviews
• Supplies field verification information to engineers working on a project from any location

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