Anvil Attends bp Cherry Point’s Annual Safety Fair

Anvil Attends bp Cherry Point’s Annual Safety Fair

Anvil attended bp Cherry Point’s annual Safety Fair at their refinery in Blaine, WA. Our team – together with about two dozen other local engineering and construction businesses – showcased their contributions in ensuring the overall safety of our shared industry.

Anvil’s booth at the Safety Fair.


Anvil was represented by Jim Holien, Kyle Brooks, Austin Brooks, Jen Desrochers, Eric Peterson, and Tom Butenschoen.

Guests visiting Anvil’s tent were treated with presentations of our 3D modeling and laser scanning technology.

Designed to digitally map out our clients’ facilities, a set of cameras and lasers are operated to scan the complex and crowded machinery of the refineries we work in. Present in each of our resource disciplines, this method often allows members of our team to accurately tour refineries without even having to step a foot inside one.

This practice also allows our team to design projects in the most cost effective, efficient, accurate, and – most importantly – safe manner possible.

“Using laser scanning and 3D modeling improves safety and efficiency for all stages of an Anvil project, which leads to safer designs for our clients,” Eric says. “Laser scans reduce the number of field walks required for Anvil employees while improving the accuracy of our designs. 3D model reviews allow for input from the client and constructors, resulting in safer designs and construction of projects.”

“We scan practically everything before most projects,” Austin says. “We put it all together back at the office.”

According to Austin, small projects sometimes only take a day to complete while larger projects can take weeks. Anvil is often tasked with providing 3D models for new refinery units – even for those we’re not involved with on the engineering side of things.

A 3D model of an Anvil project created through laser scanning.


“This type of technology was revolutionary to the work we do at Anvil,” Austin says. “I don’t think we could ever go back to the way things were done before.”

As the team wrapped up for the day, Jim Holien, Bellingham Branch Manager, remarked on the importance of the Safety Fair.

“It’s great that bp does this every year – it’s a fantastic way to bring local members of our industry together,” Jim says.

Anvil wants to thank bp Cherry Point for continuing to hold their annual Safety Fair – our team will gratefully take any opportunity to celebrate the various professionals who help keep our industry safe.

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