Life in Walnut Creek: The Land of Opportunity

Life in Walnut Creek: The Land of Opportunity

Anvil Corp’s Concord office has moved to Walnut Creek!

Located in Northern California, Walnut Creek is nestled right outside of San Francisco – in the heart of California’s famous Bay Area. Only a thirty-minute-drive away from the big city, Concord is a suburban haven for those wanting the amenities of San Francisco without the hustle-and-bustle of urban living.

Anvil’s own Carlos Hernandez hiking through Yosemite National Park.


Walnut Creek is also located conveniently near Oakland, Sacramento, and San Jose – all three cities can be visited within an hour from our office. Because of this, as is the case with many of California’s major cities, there’s always something to do in Concord.

“There’s a ton of hiking, lots of bands play in this area, and Napa is even nearby,” Carlos Hernandez, Process Engineer, says. “Yosemite National Park isn’t too far away either.”

Yosemite Valley is only three hours away from our office in Concord, CA. Photo courtesy of the NPS.


While Yosemite is obviously stunning, the San Francisco Bay Area is a sight to behold in itself. Our employees in Walnut Creek are treated to some of our country’s most beautiful locales each time they commute to work.

“We have an incredibly diverse environment in WC,” Albert Chung, Process Engineer, admits.

Albert is right – Walnut Creek is known for the variety of outdoor pursuits on offer for the city’s inhabitants. While hiking, fishing, camping, and biking might be more popular with adults, ‘Camp Concord’ is a popular recreational destination for families of all sizes in the Bay Area.

“The weather in Northern California is absolutely perfect,” Andy Tsung, Senior Project Manager, adds. “Compared to Southern California, the cooler weather in Northern California is where you want to be.”

A sunset in Concord. Photo courtesy of the Contra Costa Herald.


The Bay Area is constantly brimming with exciting activities, gorgeous surroundings, and most importantly, a culture that’s completely its own.

“There’s a lot of different, varied restaurants in Walnut Creek, but especially in San Francisco and Oakland,” Carlos says. “The cultural scene, in terms of museums and art shows, is vibrant. There’s also a ton of fun professional sports teams.”

The area also has a rich connection and history with the country of Mexico. The area was discovered and settled by Don Salvio Pacheco, a Californio ranchero. In 1834, Pacheco received a land grant for all of California’s Ygnacio Valley. He subsequently gave parcels of land to the residents of Todos Santos, the former Mexican town we now refer to by the name of Concord.

“I was ultimately drawn to California because it’s relatively close to home,” Carlos shares, referring to his family in Monterrey, Mexico.

Anvil is honored to have roots in the Golden State, an area which prides itself on the ambition of those who’ve come before us.

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