Life in Denver: Whatever You Want It to Be

Life in Denver: Whatever You Want It to Be


Established in 2016, Anvil is proud to operate out of Denver, Colorado.

“Living in Denver allows me to ride my bike to and from work and still have enough time to spend with my family in the evenings,” Jason Davis, Piping Designer, says. “I can escape the city life over the weekend without spending countless hours in my car, leaving me more time to enjoy my getaway.”

Having grown up near the area, Jason and his family have come to love the variety of sporting options in Denver.

“During an average week, I have the freedom to play sand volleyball one day, ice hockey the next day, and golf the day after that,” Jason says. “If you’re more of a sports fan, Colorado has just about every professional sport you can think of.”

Denver, and by extension Colorado, harbor strong cultural ideals; the area is home to an exciting list of engaging activities.

“Red Rocks Amphitheater is just minutes from our office,” Jason explains. “Concerts at Red Rocks cannot be beat – you have not lived until you’ve seen your favorite band play at Red Rocks. Downtown Denver also offers its own medley of breweries and fine dining. There are options for every taste.”

Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Photo courtesy of the venue.


Denver is also home to the Denver Art Museum, the American Mountaineering Museum, the Colorado Railroad Museum, and many more interesting spots to spend a rainy afternoon. However, when it comes to true recreational entertainment, the very best of Colorado lies just outside the city limits.

“Most people in Denver only live within an hour’s drive of world class skiing and snowboarding,” Jason shares. “Some of the ski-resorts even open to mountain bikes during the offseason, allowing people to ride a lift to the top of the mountain and bike down. If you enjoy riding in the mountains, there are more trails than you could ever ride in one lifetime. For campers such as myself, there are an endless number of camping spots with amazing views, not to mention countless hiking trails, that will all take your breath away.”

“The outdoor activities in Denver are unmatched,” Marco Scofidio, Senior Structural Engineer, confirms. “Hiking, fishing, camping, the scenic mountains – it’s all great.”

Colorado is one of the country’s most popular fishing destinations. Photo courtesy of Ken Swalley.


Cradled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Denver is naturally stunning.

“The Denver office looks out on mountains to the west and over the city to the east,” Jason explains. “I typically go for a walk during lunch to enjoy the view from the top of a nearby park. Sunrise from the office is not to be missed.”

“Denver offers something for everyone,” Jason adds. “Whether you prefer hanging out in the city, going to dance clubs, dining at fantastic restaurants, or if you prefer to camp in beautiful locations far away from the hustle and bustle and cook a hearty meal over a campfire – you will always have something to do.”

The city of Denver has a population of over 738,000 people. Photo courtesy of The Denver Post.


Ken Swalley, VP Operations – Denver Branch, concurs.

“In my spare time, you’ll often catch me rafting, hiking, or biking,” Ken says. “I love living here.”

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