Life in Salt Lake City: A Step Forward

Anvil announces new office location

Anvil is proud to announce that we have expanded to a sixth branch location in Salt Lake City, UT. Established in 2023, this office will further allow our team to target projects and business opportunities throughout the greater Southwest. 

Outside of widening the professional scope of our company, Salt Lake City was ultimately chosen as the home of our sixth branch as it aligned with the balance present throughout all our office locations: a modern city with a unique cultural history, set against the backdrop of a beautiful natural environment. 

Salt Lake City can be found in the northeast corner of Salt Lake Valley, surrounded by the Great Salt Lake to the northwest, the steep Wasatch Range to the east, and the Oquirrh Mountains to the west.  

Prior to its’ establishment in 1857 by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Salt Lake Valley was inhabited by the Shoshone, Weber Ute, and Paiute native tribes for thousands of years. 

In the twenty-first century, Salt Lake City is now home to some of our country’s most significant pieces of cultural history. The city contains several museums and art galleries, such as the Church History Museum or the Utah Museum of Fine Arts. Salt Lake City also hosts several annual festivals, most notably the Utah Pride Festival, one of the nation’s largest. 

“There’s also a pretty good blend of any type of food that you could want, from Mexican to Chinese, and at every price point,” Porter Nelsen, Jr. Process Engineer, adds. 

Photo by Porter Nelson of a Mountain Goat

Porter recently joined Anvil but grew up near Salt Lake City, allowing for an innate knowledge of the surrounding landscapes. 

“The mountains are great, specifically the Cottonwood Canyons,” Porter says. “It’s only a half-hour drive and you’re totally isolated from the city. Salt Lake is only about three hours from several national parks as well, if you want a different place to hike or camp.” 

Porter is referring to some of our planet’s most beautiful locales, the stunning natural architecture of Arches National Park only a short drive away from his home in the city. He’s also an avid mountain-biker. 

Arches National Park, UT

“On a good day, I can get off work, grab some dinner and be mountain biking within an hour,” Porter says. 

Salt Lake City is also the home of several world-class ski resorts, making the city a popular destination during the winter. Ross Bowman, Jr. Project Manager, grew up snowboarding in Salt Lake City. 

“Salt Lake City has beautiful mountains and plenty of outdoor activities,” Ross says. “The resorts here are truly top notch.” 

Anvil’s Hybrid Office Workweek (HOW) program has allowed Ross to spend more time on the slopes and less on his commute to work. 

“The job is very flexible with the work/life balance thus far,” he says. 

Anvil is excited to grow our reach in the Midwest through our sixth office location in Salt Lake City. Having been nearly seven years since our last expansion in Denver, we look forward not only to the possibilities and opportunities this branch might provide, but also to what it symbolizes for our organization in and of itself. 

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