Brett Bell

Bellingham, Washington

Electrical Workgroup Lead l Employee Since 2012 l Bellingham Branch

Brett initially joined Anvil as an intern the summer before his last semester of school and discovered he enjoyed the consulting engineering role. He joined Anvil full-time as an Electrical Engineer after graduating. Brett is responsible for leading a group of electrical engineers and designers for assigned programs.

“Anvil specializes in helping industrial plants, specifically oil and gas. We replace worn out equipment and implement expansions or improvements. From gasoline to plastics, Anvil’s help at the plants helps keep life normal.”

For Brett, Anvil’s collaborative environment has always been what’s stood out.

“Anvil has a real team approach when it comes to developing engineers and executing work. White board discussions are commonplace and some of my favorite interactions are standing around a white board with my coworkers sketching up ideas or solutions. This environment really allows talent to be developed quickly and gives a lot of exposure to different topics.”

Outside of the office, Brett enjoys spending time with his family, cooking, baking, and traveling.