Eric Iverson

Bellingham, WA

SharePoint Developer l Employee Since 2014 l Bellingham Branch

Eric is Anvil’s SharePoint Developer. Based out of our Bellingham branch, Eric helps keep Anvil’s internal communication networks running smoothly.  

After being laid off from my last full-time position I decided to go back to school.  I got hired at Anvil right out of college, and over the years showed an aptitude for the development side of things, which led me to my current position as SharePoint Developer.” 

Eric believes Anvil has the potential to shape the future of our planet. 

“Anvil is in a position to help change the landscape with regard to the looming question of energy reliance.” 

Despite the important work Eric does for all of us, his favorite thing about working for Anvil is all the qualified professionals he gets to learn from. 

“Several places I’ve worked have had managers that micromanage and either don’t know or don’t care what the boots on the ground are dealing with. Alternatively, I’ve had supervisors that were so hands-off that information vital to our work never reached me until it had already left us and moved on. It’s not like that at Anvil.” 

Outside of work, Eric enjoys illustration, photography, and tabletop gaming.