Rick Wilskey

Bellingham, Washington

Network Engineer l Employee Since 1987 l Bellingham Branch

Rick is a Network Engineer at our Bellingham branch. He’s been with us more than thirty-five years, joining Anvil in 1987. Rick is responsible for resolving computer problems, testing cost effective IT solutions, and providing support to ensure daily operation of the company’s network and computer systems.

“Personally, I’m proudest of my longevity here. I’m proud of the company I work for and I’m proud of the work I do for Anvil. It’s very rewarding.”

Rick has always been a strong advocate for the importance of Anvil’s work.

“We serve our clients well, and their needs are our priority. The work we do here matters, because if it didn’t, we wouldn’t have been around for more than fifty years.”

Despite the importance Rick places on his work, his favorite part of working at Anvil is his team.

“The department I work in are all dedicated, intelligent folks. They’re family to me.”

Outside of the office, Rick enjoys golfing, bowling, and sprint-car-racing.