Riley Hernandez

Bellingham, Washington

Electrical Engineer l Employee Since 2021 l Bellingham Branch

Riley is an Electrical Engineer at our Bellingham branch. She recently joined our team in 2021.

“Part of what drew me to Anvil was the diversity in job tasks. I’m an Electrical Engineer, but I also work with many other disciplines and learn from them. It’s never dull!”

Riley joined our team after graduating from Western Washington University in Bellingham. When it came time to search for her first job out of college, there was something special about Anvil that stood out.

“Something unique about Anvil is that we’re an ESOP – no other company I considered applying to post-graduation was an ESOP.”

Despite being relatively new into her career, Riley’s already made significant strides.

“The most important moment of my career would be the first project I was the Lead Electrical Engineer on – it was a great honor.”

Outside of work, Riley enjoys calligraphy, baking, and going to the gym.