Top 100 - Anvil Corporation

Whatcom County, WA

Written by Heather Lea

Published in Business Pulse - 2021


It was a blowout year for the companies featured in our annual ranking of Whatcom County’s largest private companies. [Bellingham, Whatcom County is where Anvil Corp is headquartered.] Together, those on this year’s list generated almost $4 billion in sales — despite rising inflation, the ongoing supply chain crisis, and the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hiring is also top of mind for these innovators in the coming months. 97% of this year’s respondents said they will be hiring for jobs at all levels in all industries.


#16 – Anvil Corporation

As the world transitions to sustainable energy, companies like Anvil Corporation become more and more valuable. Focusing on all aspects of oil and gas processing — from drilling to production, transportation and refining — Anvil provides multidiscipline engineering services to Pacific Northwest refineries.

Founded in 1971 with just a handful of engineers, Anvil’s reputation quickly gained momentum. Soon, the company was able to hire additional engineering disciplines to keep up with refinery work and projects in the pulp and paper industry. Today, the company has over 450 employees working in engineering, procurement and project management services with multiple clients and industries across the United States.

Jim Holien, the branch manager for Anvil’s headquarters in Bellingham, is responsible for all commercial business run from the Bellingham office and for the maintenance of all Bellingham facilities. “I love contributing to the success of our clients and our employees,” he said. “I especially enjoy working with so many knowledgeable, dedicated and hardworking people.”

Anvil prides itself on its employees. Thanks to the company’s employee stock ownership plan, those working for the company are not just the product but the owners as well. “Our employees are our greatest asset,” Holien said. “We believe in our people and the diversity in the experiences, perspectives and knowledge they bring to work every day. Every one of our employees is a valuable contributor to our success and our clients’ success.”

Safety is another important element. Anvil has worked more than 9 million hours since 2011 without a lost time injury. Plans for future growth and development include continuing with the company’s present focus helping customers engineer the future of energy.

“We are diversifying and growing our portfolio of clients, which today includes renewable energy, chemical processing, technology manufacturing and cybersecurity services,” Holien said. He encourages job candidates to refer to the careers page of the website ( As Anvil Corporation grows and diversifies, the company is looking to fill various positions.

Holding true to its values of honesty, integrity, fairness and professional competence, Anvil has formed longterm relationships — some lasting over 50 years — with employees and clients. With an active interest in supporting higher education and helping students realize their dreams, Anvil regularly supports local community and technical colleges through scholarships,
charitable gifts and donations, fundraising events, and the hosting of training facilities.

Throughout the years, Anvil Corporation’s mission has remained the same — to provide clients across multiple industries and locations with innovative and quality engineering and procurement solutions to build, transform and safeguard their infrastructure.

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