Anchorage Open House

Join us in celebrating our brand new office location in Anchorage, AK

Welcome to Anvil!

On February 22nd, our Anchorage Anvil team hosted an open house to show off our new office space and give informative presentations to clients and guests. Below are links to both the slide decks of our presenters and the video recordings of their presentations.


See the slide decks from our presentations below:

Pinpoint Bottlenecks, Equipment Issues, and Design Limitations with Static and Dynamic Process Modeling

Watch the Presentation Here

– Terry Surratt, Process Engineer – Workgroup Lead

Extend the Life of Pressurized Equipment and Avoid Unplanned Outages with “Fitness for Service” Assessments

Watch the Presentation Here

– Bryan Olson, Mechanical Engineer – Workgroup Lead

Strategies for Successful Project Execution: The Power of Integrating Talent, Tools, and Proven Techniques

Watch the Presentation Here

– Kari MacDonald, Project Manager

Eliminating the Gap Between EPC Contractors and Owner/Operators in Commissioning and Startup

Watch the Presentation Here

– Mike Schild, Senior Process Engineer


Identifying and Mitigating Common Supply Chain Issues  

– Mike Long, Procurement Supervisor


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Anchorage Open House