Kari MacDonald

Project Manager l Employee Since 2018 l Anchorage Branch

Kari is a Project Manager at our Anchorage branch where she manages a diverse portfolio of projects.

“One of my favorite things about working in Alaska is one day I might be working on the North Slope and the next I’m supporting a refinery – seeking energy throughout the different phases is very exciting.”

Despite her affinity towards Alaska, Kari believes it’s our multiple locations that keep the work at Anvil interesting and engaging.

“I really enjoy the One Anvil approach. There truly is a desire for our projects to be successful, as opposed to being the focus of just one branch. I’ve really enjoyed working on projects where my leads are from multiple locations, and we all come together to deliver something great.”

One of Kari’s favorite Anvil memories even involves our Bellingham branch.

“A few years ago, our team in Anchorage spent a lot of time strengthening Anvil’s relationship with one of our clients.”

Kari and her team would fly from Anchorage to visit the client’s site on a weekly basis.

“It was a large desire of the client to have someone from Anvil onsite regularly. Eventually, they felt such a strong partnership between our two organizations that we worked together to have their team – along with other local client sites – visit Bellingham’s office. There, they completed TIC training, met our SMEs, and shared best practices across sites. It was a true testimony to listening to our client and hearing their needs.”

In her personal time, Kari likes to ski, mountain bike, and go boating.