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Emission Controls

We support client emissions control projects with deep experience in:

• Flare optimization and loading
• Leak detection systems
• Analyzer systems and Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEMs)
• Spurious emissions control
• Burner optimization
• Low NOx and flue gas management projects

Our specific emissions control technology experience includes:

• Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)
• Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP)
• Wet Gas Scrubbers
• Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) units

Water Treatment

Industrial facilities produce large volumes of contaminated wastewater streams every day, requiring a skilled team of engineers and designers to customize wastewater treatment strategies.

Our Wastewater Project Expertise includes: 

• Wastewater treatment operations for collection systems, API separators, AFUs, trickling filters, activated sludge tanks, sand filters, activated carbon, and filter presses.
• Conducting wastewater treatment plant optimization studies and designs.
• Oily solids recovery
• Wastewater dissolved hydrocarbon treatment
• Redesigning process water collection systems to minimize stormwater intrusion.
• Designing temporary wastewater treatment system to use during a refinery turnaround project.

Energy Efficiency

We reduce client facility energy usage starting with:

• Heat integration studies
• Facility energy usage optimization
• Co-generation and waste heat recovery
• Steam and condensate loss reduction

Our projects then go into long term planning with:

• Electrical Master Planning
• RIN Value Optimization
• Dynamic Simulations of Energy Systems

Anvil Projects

  • Wharf Upgrade
  • Sulfur Treatment/Relief Reduction (STARR)
  • Utility Trestle Design
  • Cooling Water Infrastructure 
  • Safety Instrumented System Program
  • Refinery Laboratory Build
  • Crude Custody Transfer System
  • 19 Well Processing Facility
  • Calciner Waste Heat Recovery
  • Northside Safeguarding