Anvil plays a central role in helping companies engineer the future of energy by providing quality solutions for projects that are technically challenging and require orchestrated engineering.

Renewable Energy

Anvil’s experience in the renewable energy industry includes:

• Hydrogen production
• Renewable diesel
• Biodiesel
• Bio-gas processing
• Renewable feedstock pretreatment and associated infrastructure
• Solar

We also have decades of experience with SMR technology and carbon-capture projects (related to blue hydrogen production), as well as the production of Green Hydrogen via electrolysis and their integration into refinery operations.

Oil & Gas

Anvil has extensive experience working in all aspects of the oil and gas industry, including production, transportation, and processing.

We specialize in mid-sized revamp/retrofit capital projects and have deep expertise in all major upstream, midstream, and downstream units. This includes infrastructure, complex piping, instrumentation, and electrical systems.


Anvil has designed hundreds of projects for upstream oil and gas production clients – from brownfield production revamps to grassroot facilities, drill sites, and gathering systems. Our team has extensive experience in helping clients resolve issues around oil and gas production, gathering and processing.


Anvil has extensive experience providing engineering, design, procurement and project management services for midstream clients – from pipelines to tank farms. Projects also include truck, rail and marine terminals, transloading, custody transfer and storage facilities.


Since 1971, Anvil has provided engineering and procurement services to petroleum refineries.  We have engineered projects for every refinery in the Pacific Northwest and in other US and Canada locations, including Alaska, California, Utah, Wyoming, and British Columbia.

Much of our refinery work is focused on revamps, expansions, and unit infrastructure. Therefore, in the downstream sector, turnaround and capital schedule-driven projects are a primary focus. We have an exceptional depth of experience in integrating new equipment into existing facilities.

Anvil Projects

  • Wharf Upgrade
  • Sulfur Treatment/Relief Reduction (STARR)
  • Utility Trestle Design
  • Cooling Water Infrastructure 
  • Safety Instrumented System Program
  • Refinery Laboratory Build
  • Crude Custody Transfer System
  • 19 Well Processing Facility
  • Calciner Waste Heat Recovery
  • Northside Safeguarding